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Credit-Bearing and Certification Youth Programs

Work, College, Career

AIM Academy offers credit and/or certification courses for 10th graders and older. Courses are available to students during school hours (share-time), homeschooled students, and as an extra-curricular option for any student. Additionally, AIM Academy offers courses to youth with special needs. These course options present students with unique opportunity to earn a Certificate of Completion, a National Credential for transition to work, or College credits. More importantly, these courses introduce students to a variety of professional fields, making their college or career choice more informed.

Earn High School Diploma/Credits

Learn Professional Skills

Explore Different Career Fields

Earn Industry Credential

Earn College Credits

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To register for Youth courses - click the button above.

To learn more: all interested parents and students are invited to attend our virtual information sessions. Click here to sign up.

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