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International Programs

High School and Certification College-Level Programs

Youth groups, school districts, adults, and independent students of any age are welcome to join any of our programs from anywhere in the world. Classes are conducted live online and are available to any student, who has a reliable access to wifi. 

Earn at AIM Academy in collaboration with the Institute for Contemporary Careers:

  1. High School Diploma

  2. National Professional Credential

  3. College Credits


Students, who are interested to pursue Higher Education options abroad, including the United States, will be able to:

  1. Receive assistance with College Applications in the US

  2. Receive their High School Diploma with an apostille for their college country of choice

  3. Come for a short tour of colleges during our short-term summer program

Ready to appy? Inquire here!

Please, remember, the school operates in New York time zone. Time difference will apply to your schedule of classes.

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